True Accomplishment

We often think we are not accomplishing anything when we’re not doing anything. And we often think that when we’re not doing anything, nothing is happening. Neither is true. Our very being exists on a level that transcends all elements of the physical experience. We can move around the physical props all we would like, and in one sense we are doing little more than modifying pretend objects in a video game.

The real action takes place in consciousness. The real change occurs within consciousness. The real scene is the landscape of the spirit. And thus our accomplishment in this life is not measured in physical objects moved around on the stage of life, but rather, in the lasting impact we leave with others and within ourselves.

We are here to Love! Loving another conscious being is a true accomplishment. Conquering one’s own fear so that one may be more vulnerable and loving is a true accomplishment. As attested to by thousands of those who have seen the other side (“NDE’ers”), the success of our life is in how much we have loved- not in what we have physically achieved. So take one moment today to do something truly loving for yourself or for another- for even if it may seem small, it is the very reason the universe is here for you.

One thought on “True Accomplishment

  • Hello Christian
    Oh my gosh, your book has brought me so much bliss. The knowledge of the reality gives me the feeling of freedom and satisfaction at a deep level. Ahhhhh!
    I also love the explanations of Matias de Stephano. I am putting a link so if you are interested. 12 minutes

    I appreciate you so!💖
    Would love to hear you thoughts


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