Conversation with Julie McVey on “UnOrdinary Made Ordinary”

Just sharing a link to a conversation I recently participated in with Julie McVey on her show “UnOrdinary Made Ordinary”!

11 thoughts on “Conversation with Julie McVey on “UnOrdinary Made Ordinary”

  • Thank you, Christian. For all your effort to spread the tellings of out true self. It seems mine is surfacing more and more since I heard your first interview about a week ago.
    Can I still ask questions?
    If so, I’d like to know from you if my husband, who died a few months ago, can still join me in our new house -which we moved into 16 days prior to his death-. Can he still join me on earth, to enjoy the atmosphere here?
    Or is all life on earth suffering and hard, even if you are not physically present in a body anymore.

    If you have no time to answer question, thats ok also. Don’t worry about it.

    Kind regards,

    L iset


    • I am very sorry to hear about your (physical) loss- please know what love joins together remains connected across the boundaries of dimensions. I can’t categorically comment on your question about visitation, as we each have unique post-physical-death experience, but generally speaking yes it is possible for a loved one to “visit” into the physical to see or be with us, if and as they desire and are “free” (there are some “occupying” processes that can be happening for awhile). Meanwhile just a comment that all life on Earth is not “suffering and hard”- while the constraints here are very extreme it is fundamentally a neutral experience, and we apply our own meaning (and our own fear) onto it, which can give rise to great suffering. (Those who are free from physical constraints do not experience the fear that is often associated with those constraints.) I hope that helps!

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  • Hi Christian ! Just dropping in to say hello !
    It’s been a while !
    I am watching the intervieuws with you again, and I pick up on different things you are saying now. As if I am a bit more understanding what you are telling us.
    So, just keeping in touch with you.
    Thank you very much for helping (all others and) me !
    Kind regards,



      • Another update from me to you:
        Yesterday I met a woman who told me her daughter had told her that she had picked her specifically as her mother, at the age of around 6 years old. She had also described the situation in wich she was when she made her choise.
        So already after a few months I met someone who had first hand experiences like yours, with her daughter.
        And today I found that Amazone can also be paid without a creditcard. So finally your book has been ordered. So you make a bit of money again, to do your good work.
        L8R !



  • Hello Cristian,
    I was just wondering what are your thoughts on this : do people like Stephen Hawking Who experienced extreme physical limitations get to enhance their spiritual self by choosing a lifetime that is extremely hardโ€ฆ??? I have a friend who is paralyzed from the neck down due to a car accident and this also is taking a toll on his mental health too!!


    • I am very sorry to hear about your friend sir. Yes! Extreme limitation can = extreme opportunity for growth of the being, depending on how that being responds to (chooses to deal with and how they choose to experience) that limitation.


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