Live Q&A with Christian Scheduled for Saturday 10/23/21 1:30 PM Eastern

To any who may be interested, I will be doing a live Q&A with Luisa from Passion Harvest this Saturday 10/23/21 at 1:30 PM Eastern! Below is the YouTube link- please participate if you feel so moved! 🙂

UPDATE: Here is a recording! Thank you to all who participated! 🙂

24 thoughts on “Live Q&A with Christian Scheduled for Saturday 10/23/21 1:30 PM Eastern

  • sounds good, hoping to communicate a couple of things to you…trying to do it through sending you a couple of short videos @ “awalkinthe…”, so far no luck, perhaps you could check your spam/trash folder…


      • * thanks very much christian, couldn’t find your email, searched in spam, etc, but no*

        *luck, don’t know what happened to it, luckily I did get it the second time*

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        > Christian commented: “Lambert, I did watch your videos and respond, my > response email was dated Sat, Oct 16, 9:44 AM, I will re-send :)” >


    • SO Happy to hear!! Thank you both for doing this. Christian, your story resonates with me more and more and brings me great peace. I loved your IANDS presentation❤🙏🏻❤

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  • Hey Christian, I was just reading your book, great one. OK, so one question that comes to mind: you say that incarnating as a human is a coveted experience for souls and there’s a big queue, ie there are many more souls wanting to incarnate than there are slots (humans) available. Just like you, I’m a big fan of MBT model…and according to it, it wouldn’t be difficult at all for the system to just copy/paste virtual realities like our Earth. For example, just copy/paste Earth at the year 2000 level. Do the same for a few other planets similar to Earth. This would instantly create billions of new slots in the game. What’s your take on this?


    • I’m not sure, and I’m curious about this too, but just a couple thoughts on this sir. I agree that new reality experiences can be created from existing “data” as desired. Yet if you are talking about copying/pasting one specific scenario (like Earth at the year 2000 level), and playing it as a widely shared experience- say, on the astral, I would imagine that is probably not the same as a full-blown evolving-on-its-own-from-the-beginning-entire-universe. Maybe it is possible for a copy/paste universe to be fully incarnated into with full veiling, but I’m just not sure, as I don’t have any experience regarding that. Part of the preciousness of being offered a human life is not simply about number of slots, mind you- it is about the… how to say this… the huge opportunity involved and the preciousness of each slot considering the huge complexity and “work” that has gone into one given play by all participants over very “long” periods of time. I cannot fathom from the human perspective how all that complexity and history might be considered in some kind of copy/paste universe.


      • One thought about how this copy/paste would work: let’s say Earth in year 2000 is copy/pasted. The system would play all existing characters according to how the IUOCs would most probably react in the primary Earth. But, every new birth would be an opportunity for souls (IUOCs) standing in line to incarnate so in a few generations the whole population would be played by actual souls, not the system.

        This kind of ties in with a curiosity I had and actually asked Tom on a fireside chat but didn’t find his answer satisfactory: with this whole virtual realities thing being about learning, it stands to reason that at some point there would be duplicates of planets and the the diverging evolution studied and lessons learned (at the soul level). So let’s say the Earth was copy/pasted 2000 years ago, We already know our history, but surely the history of the other Earth wouldn’t be exactly the same (Dark Ages, WW1,2 etc). So this idea sounds logical to me not only from a learning standpoint but also to clear the backlog of souls wanting to incarnate.

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  • Hey Christian, here’s another question: listening to your pre-birth experience, I wonder why did your soul suddenly get scared of the veil and aborted mission when it already had incarnated into many lives so it had plenty experience of the veil. And then it needed to go trough a ‘veil acceptance simulator’ before it incarnated as Christian, even though it had plenty experience of actual veiling. Sounds a bit like a pilot getting scared of flying on his 500th mission and then having to join new recruits in a flight simulator.


    • Every physical life is a unique “vibrational point.” I had incarnated many times, but not into the specific low vibrational point like these two lives offered. I don’t fully understand why that is the case considering I have lived other human lives. I suspect it has to do with the specific biology: I knew this body had a unique “defect” that would make the experience more difficult. Perhaps the previous life I aborted had a similar restriction, I’m not sure, but I do know it also had a similar very low vibrational point that I rejected immediately out of fear.

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    • Also one other comment sir that might help for context. The fear I am here to deal with is a specific very, very low vibration. That very low vibration fear was triggered, at least in part, as soon as I incarnated, because the veil required that I “surrender my control” at this low vibrational point, and that “surrender” was something that was very difficult for me to do. The veil acceptance simulator was also a practice at surrendering. When I was 22, I suffered a traumatic experience where I could not escape terrible pain. In the following years I had to learn to surrender to exactly how I felt during that traumatic experience, so as to process it. I feel that is related (similar surrender required, though deeper).

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  • Dear Christian,

    It’s always so upbuilding and fascinating to hear from you. Thank you so much! I look forward to listening to the recorded version too.

    Sending love.




  • Hi Christian
    Are you familiar with Robert Schwartz (author of Your soul’s plan)? I listened to a few of his interviews on YouTube and while I feel he makes a lot of sense, there are a couple of things that don’t sound right to me (using MBT model) and I’d like to hear your take on it: 1. he claims that some people that society would describe utter failures such as homeless people, drug addicts are in fact very advanced souls that agreed to incarnate into such avatars to teach those around them lessons (such as compassion). He gets this info from mediums (I think he mentions a story in his book about Edgar Cayce and two wealthy women who came to him asking for advice about their brother who had squandered his inheritance and was alcoholic or something ,and after going into trance, Cayce told them their brother was the most advanced soul he’d ever encountered). I find this illogical because such a person would have to make a series of bad choices which would be just the opposite of what an advanced soul would naturally do…so either this soul doesn’t have free will anymore or is purposefully playing the game badly…which seems to me such a waste considering there are already plenty of inherently bad players, we don’t need advanced players acting like a novice. To me it sounds much more probably that the system told Cayce that so the women feel good about their brother.

    2. about the tsunami in SE Asia in 2004 which killed 200+ thousand people…he claims that the souls agreed in advance that if the Earth doesn’t reach a certain vibration (whatever that means) by a certain point in time, they will give their lives so that the vibration gets increased. And he claims that happened because world governments got together and donated money, help and so on for the affected area. This to me doesn’t sound logical at all…just because some bureaucrats donated other people’s money to tick a box on a to-do list doesn’t necessarily mean their consciousness quality improved any. Random things such as quakes, vulcano eruptions and so on happen, they belong to the ruleset of this reality.
    What are your thoughts? Thank you.

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    • Hello Sir Vlad! I hope you are doing well sir!
      (1.) Yes, I agree that very advanced souls take on very challenging circumstances or missions. It’s not that the advanced soul is necessarily “playing the game badly,” but rather, is playing a difficult game (a greater/ harsher constraint-set). To put it crudely: the greater the evolution, the greater the potential “difficulty mode” one can “play the game on” (or at least try to). The goal of the “game” is not to arrange objects perfectly on Earth; rather, it is the expansion of Being through the integration of experience. And high contrast experiences = very high opportunity (to integrate, process, and bring love through). But, it isn’t easy for less experienced beings to integrate those experiences, or shine love through them, so only more experienced players might try. It’s also true that advanced souls want to serve where they are needed- even in (and perhaps especially in) the “gutters,” and even by personally experiencing and understanding some of the harshest realities on Earth. Regarding Robert Schwartz’ work- I’ve read some of his work, and watched a couple videos, so I have some familiarity, and in general broadly speaking I tend to relate to what he is communicating.
      (2.) I don’t know about that event specifically. But I can at least comment that indeed, certain agreements may be made regarding how the play might unfold depending on the “vibrational status” of a given collective consciousness. “Ticking off a box” is of course unimportant- but, loving intention is very important. So, if what Robert describes in this instance really is true, perhaps there were some people- maybe even a lot of people?- that were nudged into loving service or growth in a way that really did help the collective. Of course, I don’t know. But in general it is often best for us not to look on the surface level of Earth and think that’s what’s really happening, or that that’s the end game. What’s happening is a great “play” that is unfolding within spirit (consciousness) for the purposes of spirit, which is ultimately the expansion of love and joy. The “awakening” is happening- that is, the increase in the vibration of the human collective consciousness is underway. It can be a high friction process (a lot of fear and ego friction on the surface as we gradually but relatively quickly try to evolve past our deep history of fear-based thinking). As for whether earthquakes and volcanos occurring “belong to the rule-set of this reality”- yes indeed, but, do you think our reality’s ruleset is limited to the laws of physics? The experience of the laws of physics take place as probabilities within something greater that gives rise to it. In other words, physical laws exist within higher laws. Intention affects those physical actualization probabilities both here, and from non-physical vantage points. And it is quite possible for the players participating in the game to nudge the probabilities towards certain outcomes. Sometimes that happens even when the human portion of the individual is not aware of it (but the higher portion of them is). For instance, sometimes we meet and “make plans” while our bodies are asleep, and don’t remember it the next day. Earthquakes may seem like a different scope or scale, but not really- it’s all virtual. Seth in fact also talks about the affect of human consciousness on weather patterns, and it is pretty interesting. I hope this helps sir!

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      • Hey, thank you for the quick and reasoned reply.

        So regarding the first point, when you say ‘harsher constraint’, a person genetically predisposed to addictive behavior would be a good example? This part from your reply I find very interesting ”But, it isn’t easy for less experienced beings to integrate those experiences, or shine love through them, so only more experienced players might try.” If we take the example of the homeless person, would this mean the advanced soul would play a calm person as opposed to an aggressive/unhappy one played by a less experienced soul? This reminds me of the movie made after Neale Donald Walsch book, Conversations with God (2006)…when Neale character was homeless he had a totally different attitude to a different guy he made friends with in the homeless camp…this guy was resigned to being homeless, was alcoholic etc while Neale viewed the situation as temporary and was trying to escape from it.

        Regarding 2, when you put it that way, I agree it makes sense.


      • Yes, the genetic context is one very important aspect of the constraint-set, so certain genetic make-up definitely can make a journey more or less difficult. (I experienced that in my pre-life review for this body.) Yes, all other variables being equal a more advanced soul will tend to express itself in a more loving way (calmness may be included in that) through a given context. Sometimes the context can still be too much potentially- the difficulty can get pretty extreme here on Earth. But advanced souls will tend to express with more love and less fear (ego) even through extremely difficult contexts and circumstances that might completely overcome another.

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  • Hey Christian
    I was reading your book (chapter 92) which set me thinking about the fascinating interplay between consciousness being and the avatar doing. So let’s take 2 scenarios, a simple one (because it’s about mainly the person itself) and a more complex one (because others are involved now).
    1.weight-loss…I have personal experience in this area and I believe that conceptual wise it’s not a difficult issue. Yet it’s a real problem in many countries. What differentiates 2 persons that have access to correct information, one decides to apply it and losses the weight and maintains effortless while the second either doesn’t lose weight because he can’t stick to it or if he does, then it takes constant effort and frustration to maintain? Is it the consciousness (being) that makes the difference, even though the doing is pretty much the same in both cases?
    2.relationship with a significant other…one person wishes to start a relationship and does the appropriate things (puts himself out there etc) but has no luck. The other almost effortless finds a mate. Again, is it the consciousness that makes the difference? Another scenario in this case, say a guy is 25 yrs old and his consciousness is ready, but if the mate is 15 or 20 but her consciousness isn’t yet ready then no matter what he does, he’ll still have to wait for a few more years, right?

    Do I get the picture right, what are your thoughts?


    • Hello sir Vlad!

      Regarding your case#1:
      At a broad level I feel there are two things happening: (1.) the context and its constraints (including biological, societal, etc.), and (2.) the intent of the individuals (that is what choices they decide to make within the context). One person’s constraints do not equal another person’s constraints. Different genetics (a big one), familial upbringing, access to food, economic picture, etc. all make a very different context for each decision maker. Sometimes it is very, very difficult for one person to make a given choice that would be very easy for another, simply because of the physical or biological constraints. The chemistry of biology alone has huge impact over how “easy” or “hard” one decision is for someone to make. For instance, if I drank alcohol every day for a few months, and another person did too, I might find it easier or harder to then discontinue that behavior, should I choose it, than the other person, simply because my biochemistry and DNA is different than theirs. Consciousness does get to choose, always- and is generally much freer to choose than the conditioned human mind may recognize, and also can “push” the constraints much more than we commonly recognize- but that (even initial) choice happens within the constraints. It might take one person much more focused intention to walk 10 feet than it does for another to comparatively effortlessly walk 10 miles.
      In your case#1 it sounds like both individuals made a different choice (one decided to apply the information and the other didn’t), and that is a matter of consciousness. And both individuals likely had very different constraints through which to wield such an intent. And then the constraints themselves- like genetics- may influence very much how effective one person is at losing weight over another. (Though with focused intention, despite the differences in constraints, both individuals are very likely to be able to lose a lot of weight if they really so intend.)

      Regarding your case#2:
      I feel this is a very complex example sir. There are so many factors involved, both within consciousness, and within the physical constraints. But to keep it simple I’ll just say this: We live in a physical system that is “shared” by all of us, and then, we all have to “live with” the choices made by others, too. So to the first part of that sentence, while we have a great freedom in what choices we will make and in what intent we will wield, we are limited by the constraints of the physical “shared environment.” For instance if I decide I want to jump 20 feet into the air, I can try, but I won’t be able to do it, because that’s the constraint (physics rule-set) of the environment. And also, to the second part of the sentence, this is a free willed system in which all players get to make their own independent choices and we have to live with them. For example if someone decides to, say, walk into my house and (try to) stab me with a knife- even if I have done nothing at all to provoke that- that is their choice, and I will have to deal with the choice they made. Just because we are ready for a mate, does not mean a potential partner will make the choice we want. Indeed, this physical world is the unique environment where even when we ARE ready for something, sometimes we do NOT get what we might even align with- and then we have to make the exciting decision about what to do with those unanticipated or undesired results. 🙂 In general, the quest for a mate is deep in our blood, and so any challenge in that area can prompt very deep fear, actually- even similar in a way perhaps to when access to food or safety is threatened. It may be useful then to see if there is any ego-stirring caused by someone we seek not reciprocating, so as to find our own attachment to that outcome and opportunity to integrate any fear that might be there.

      Just a few thoughts, I hope they help sir!

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  • Hey Christian, thanks for your thoughts
    I’ll clarify what I meant with 1. by using my personal case…up until about 5 years ago I was powerless about the creeping weight gain and the resulting health problems…although I weight-trained in high-school and early 20s by my late 20s the same diet I’d always had was making me fat and less energetic and I had no clue what to do. Then suddenly something clicked, I found the right articles, books, got a good framework of how nutrition influences the body and the changes I made were smooth and effortless, resulting in better health and energy than I’ve ever had. So I’m struggling to understand what happened (looking back it almost seems magical) because if I applied the same thing to relationships and finances I’d own the world (joking::) ) So something must have changed in the consciousness space 5 years ago that led my avatar go through the motions (reading, applying etc). What triggers that consciousness change I guess is the $1M question.


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