Humbly Acknowledging Your Divine Identity

“You are not just a part of God. You are altogether God, and God is altogether you. This is not blasphemy. This is your identity.” -Wayne Dyer

Even in deep humility, you can simultaneously recognize that you are a part of Source. You contain the potential and power of the Whole.

That which is perfect and unlimited, when divided into parts, is no less so. As an individuation of the One, you are simultaneously not God, and yet you are God. You are just a drop in the ocean, and yet in the words of Rumi, “You are not just a drop in the ocean, you are the mighty ocean in the drop.”

While the ego can easily try to claim this idea, the truth of it far surpasses the limitations of the separate self and its ego’s fierce quest for identity.

Yet, even as we feel separate, there is power in acknowledging what we are. For in the truth of what we are there is nothing to fear! In what we truly are, there is no lack, and there is no limitation. In what we truly are, there is no death, or captivity, or disease. Acknowledging that helps to liberate us from the fear of the lack and limitation that we have bought into while “lost” in the dream of being human. The truth of what we are is freeing!

The power of the Whole that belongs to us is the same power that gives rise to universes, the same power that is the root of all beautiful or ugly expressions of form! As creative beings, we are responsible for how we use that power. For where you go, and where we go, reality ultimately follows. Acknowledging who we really are then can be the first step to more deliberately using our power and intentionally carving a path in the world of form that is more reflective of our true nature of love and joy!

15 thoughts on “Humbly Acknowledging Your Divine Identity

  • Christian, Amazingly I have many of the same memories; The creation of the universe, being in the womb, being born, christened, circumcisions’. Also near death experience’s, loss of limb, leukemia. I do realize that this is from a life contract and my choice. I do have a happy life very active and productive and proud of it, I wish the last part on everyone! Also college educated spiritually minded. If there are any insights or experience’s you wish to discuss, feel free to contact.

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  • Hi Christian! The YouTube algorithm gave me your interview with Mira and I’m so glad it did! I’ve watched many videos around this subject, but none have had me laughing along in quite the same way. So I am dropping in and to say “Hi” and “Thanks”.

    While I’m here, I have a question to run by you (and, by extension, me). Once we are awake inside the game, what then? I agree it’s valuable and important to embrace the human experience as fully as possible, but I am done with manifesting (because of the trouble it can cause). Thoughts and possibilities now just seem like noise, and making them real feels adding unnecessary content to a world that’s already very busy. I have the sense that something is coming that will require our awake attention and my role may be to be calm while many people are not. Know what I mean?

    Anyway – I love what I’ve seen and read from you so far. Keep it up! With love

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    • Yes, I do know what you mean. But I can only reply with… more form (words, ideas- “noise” as you aptly put it). 😉 In my own case, there is still form I enjoy, so I am working with that and enjoying it. There is still form I fear, so I am allowing that as it arises, too. That is so beautiful that you feel called to “be the formlessness”- that is very powerful, and even as a non-action (physically speaking) it is indeed a powerful action (in consciousness space) that does help the world. Please follow your intuition! 🙂 Thank you for Being. And thank you for your wisdom, and for all the things you’ve experienced to come to this place.

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  • Hi Christian,
    On YouTube, I just viewed an interview of you with Mira Kelley. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences, many of which I can relate to.
    I am looking forward to reading your blog.
    All the best, Zelda

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  • Just finished watching your interview with Mira Kelly and I wanted to let you know that I have watched many, many NDE interviews, but yours was extraordinary. I am a skeptic, but you came across so earnestly, humble and caring that it was very difficult to discount what you had to say. So many interviewees have usually just written a book, or have some kind of service to sell….but you did not. You only waned us to know that we are loved…that is the biggest take away for me. Thank you…truly, deeply…thank you.

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  • Christian…profound experiences you’ve shared!
    You mentioned one of your livea you were “mean” and hurt others. You obviously are not that way now. You also say all our lives we are “ourselves”. How can one life we be evil and nasty then another life kind then next life nasty? “Who” is being mean if its not “us” and in the other side we are not mean and nasty correct? I’m confused.

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    • It is the same self. But two things: (1.) the self “evolves” and grows past its fear, and as it does so, it is better able to express its true loving nature into contexts that previously it would not have been able to do so in. (2.) Contexts have a huge variety of constraints and challenges that go along with them. Many people can make a loving choice when the constraints are low and all is easy; fewer can make a loving choice when the constraints are high and things are difficult. In our physical reality we deal with so many constraints: biological constraints, psychological constraints (psychological patterns of the local human personality portion of us, which the deeper “I” works through and within), societal constraints, and many others. The human experience is a “high challenge”/ high constraint game- and the player, who remains the same, may be able to shine his/her true nature of love into the constraints differently, depending on his or her experience and state of evolution, and depending on the nature and severity of the constraints he/she is working with. I hope that helps! 🙂

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  • I would like to elaborate on Christian answer to ‘sunday Joy haas’ —

    Good and Evil are not part of the Divine, it exist outside of the Divine Reality. They are part of a belief structure which form the state that separates us from our Divine and True Identity. I like how ‘A Course in Miracles’ cancels the hold this structure of Good & Evil has on our mind. The Course teaches that there is only LOVE and what we experience as a ‘lack-of-love’ in countless forms is A CALL FOR LOVE.

    A ‘Call for Love’ has only one true purpose: Healing. As we come into this experience of being human, there is a long history of perpetuating pain and suffering, which is simply Not-Healing. By perpetuating I mean to add more pain and suffering to the already established state of suffering. This state is inherent to physicality. To be human means to ’embody’ this state, and when we do we inherently become connected to human past and history. A human is a product of ‘memory’.

    We do not come here to simply suffer, but to liberate the sphere of the Collective Mind which has been dreaming of fear and its effects which can be summed up as the state of suffering. We enter within the experience of suffering, not to increase it, but the other way around. The purpose of liberating the Collective and Universal Mind from the state of separation – hence from suffering – originates far beyond our individual soul. It comes from the Source. You and I, and all ‘incarnated’ humans are not the only one that ultimately are to serve this purpose. There are countless souls on the other side working with us and the angels to achieve this purpose. Some of these souls are Jesus, Krishna, Siddhartha (the Buddha), …Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandala, …Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, …to just name a few famous souls.

    When we make choices that add to the already loaded state of suffering is maybe to oppose our true purpose, but it is never a sin. It is not natural for our soul to do so, but it is natural as a human to do so. When we do, the souls that are closely involved, including what may appear as the victims of our wrong choices, are thus given the mysterious opportunity that all challenges of this world represents. The opportunity that serve to slowly awakens us from the slumber of the ego-mind. This is what ‘Healing’ does. To Heal is to Awake. Evil, Bad, Guilt, Pain, Fear, Depression, Hopelessness, etc… all are words describing the state of sleep. None of it truly exist, all of it is a passing ‘mirage’. We awake from this dream through learning, every time we realize the true futility and meaninglessness of a grievance, we have ‘forgiven’ ourselves for the mistake of believing it was real. We are truly unlimited in Power, eternally loving souls created by Love Itself, to love, to give and extend love. We all are lovely and lovable. That is the fact that we are awaking to and that awakes us.

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      • Thank you Christian for the positive feedback. Among the reasons I appreciate your gesture is to connect with you. Thank you for this blog, and i am looking forward to your next article. Light and Peace 2U and your family.


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