Fear and Ignorance are the Obstacles

Fear and ignorance are the only real obstacles to being able to fully actualize our true loving natures on Earth.

When we wield an intent based in fear, we are acting in alignment with the illusion of separation, and we perpetuate suffering. When we act from fear, we are promoting a temporary contraction away from the full vibrance, power, and peace that is inherent to Life, towards the much smaller and inherently limiting protection of the self. Acting from fear is painful.

When we are unaware of the truth and are ignorant of our true nature, we try to take shelter in all forms of illusion. We pour tremendous energy into erecting and defending the structures of the ego: into belief, identity, and self-justifications. We would rather protect ourselves in stick shelters made of paltry ego beliefs, than expose ourselves to the ego-burning and identity-searing truth of who we really are. When we know our true nature, the painful trappings of separation evaporate.

Both fear and ignorance can be- and will be- overcome! They can only exist within the illusion of separation- and while you are here in the illusion, confronting them and healing them is an extremely powerful act. You are incredibly important! Your choice to confront your own fear, and your willingness to surrender what no longer fits and to dispel your own ignorance, is powerful indeed. Fear and ignorance are the only real obstacles- so when you work through those even in yourself, or when you help another to do so, you are working directly to address the heart of Earth’s problems.

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