Trying to Name the Attributes of God

Attributes aren’t fundamental, Spirit is fundamental. Attributes occur within and by and through Spirit. Said another way: forms and objects aren’t fundamental, life itself is fundamental. Forms and objects occur within and by and through life.

So it is not correct to ask, “what form is God? What attributes belong to Him, and which do not?” That question incorrectly imposes attributes with the fundamental quality. That which is fundamental has form; it is not that form has fundamental existence. As Rupert Spira says, “Objects do not have existence, existence has objects.”

Does this mean that God is not kind, or compassionate, or loving? No, it does not mean that. It is quite accurate to say that God is absolutely and unconditionally loving, understanding, and compassionate. And indeed, the sojourn of the Spirit into duality ultimately expands the real depths of kindness, compassion, and love. What it means though is that we cannot successfully impose local qualities on that which gives rise to them. As we ponder the nature of God then, we are wise to turn from the thinking mind to the depths of being within us, which itself transcends the distinctions that abound in our physical experience, and itself already knows the truth that cannot be named.

2 thoughts on “Trying to Name the Attributes of God

  • Hello,
    I enjoyed your conversation with Simon. I am just wondering, how does (if so) the bible and the god mentioned there in, fit into this picture? The god Yahwah chooses a particular people to bestow favor above others and requires certain human traits to be accepted. This shows that god’s love is conditional and we are told the eternal consequences of not talking on these traits are dire.
    I grew up in Christianity all my life but at some point I felt as though the truth was not there something was wrong so I separated myself from that but I still tend to hold on to these beliefs and understandings that are attributed to those teachings so what do I make of this heaven vs hell scenario?
    Thanks for your story and your time.


    • Hello! I am very sensitive about speaking to people’s religious beliefs: many people revere the Bible and many use it effectively as a tool for their spiritual growth. However, in truth, God’s/Source’s love is not conditional, it is absolutely UNconditional! I am very passionate about standing up for this! We are not inherently “separated from God”- the experience of separation is a deep illusion that we have voluntarily committed into for the purposes of the expansion of love and joy through experience integration and choice making. We are here to choose love, rather than fear. Where our religious traditions represent the latter rather than the former, that is us (our own limitation and fear and fear-history) speaking, not the ultimate truth of spirit. Does this speak to your question? Have a great day experiencing being human today!


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