Using the Giant Mirror of Earth

The world is reflecting back to you the nature of your deepest beliefs. The physical universe is like a giant mirror provided to give you the opportunity to actually experience your beliefs, perceptions, and assumptions.

The physical world is not bad. It is a firm but neutral set of constraints engaged by consciousness for the purposes of self-realization and experience integration. The quality of your experience then contains precious clues as to whether or not you are utilizing that experience in a way that is in alignment with the more fundamental truth of love, or not.

How does your experience feel? What is life like for you? Where you feel negative emotions or fear, see if you can discover what negative self-perceptions or beliefs you have “bought into.” When consciousness has “bought into” a self-perception or a perception about the world that is not in alignment with the truth, negative emotions result. Do you perceive yourself as- and then feel- powerless? Do you perceive yourself as- and then feel- unlovable, harmable, or trapped?

While these experiences can feel quite real, ultimately, they are illusions. You are powerful, you are loved, you are immortal, and you are free.

We buy into negative perceptions because we feel the evidence vouches for them. Our conclusions about reality become assumptions about reality, and they become invisible. Our conclusions about ourselves become assumptions about ourselves, and they become invisible. But the mirror keeps reflecting the appropriate experience of those assumptions back to us. Our experience remains a faithful gauge of the assumptions and beliefs that we are holding onto.

Your negative emotions can serve as guideposts to re-discover your assumptions. Seek out: “why do I feel the way that I do?” When you find the belief that is giving rise to your feeling- do not assume it is true. Rather, use the discovery to help direct you towards the fear itself, without the story of the belief. Use the discovery to help direct you to the fear that you are- or, were- too afraid to face and feel. What are you afraid of? Sit with the feeling, no matter how strong it is. Be with the feeling, no matter how strong it is. You can face your fears, you will not be destroyed. You can feel all your feelings, you will not be destroyed.

In fact, you may be set free! For underneath all the pain, confusion, and hardship, the true and ever-present nature of the spirit is always, always one of complete love, joy, and freedom! Your bedrock is one of love, joy, and freedom. Your true nature is one of love, joy, and freedom: it is always down there within you, beneath all the negative beliefs that you assume the physical world has proven to you. So where you don’t feel love, joy, and freedom- allow the world to show back to you what you believe about yourself and the world that is causing you to no longer know it. That process of self-discovery, bravery, and feeling is exactly what the physical universe is meant for. And since the universe was built for it, it wants you to succeed, and will work with you when you are ready.

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