The Power of the Present Moment

The present moment is all that there ever is.

The “now” exists beyond the mind. It is not an idea of the mind. The “now” is your alert presence in the current moment, the silent witness that beholds and experiences all of the form (all of the thoughts, all of the feelings, all of the objects, and all of the contexts). The ideas of the mind can be temporarily experienced in the now, but the now is not the ideas. The now supersedes all ideas. You do not need to live your life lost in the dream that is the ideas of the mind, in thoughts about the future or the past. You do not need to surrender yourself to anxieties about the past or future- they too only can exist as they are recalled into the present moment.

Your power is always in the now. It does not exist in the past, or in the future- it is always right now.

While you may have established great momentum in your life which may seem to bind you into a given circumstance-set or idea-set, you are not ever completely bound to the cumulative impacts of your past, because you always have the power in the now- right now- to change your momentum toward the direction that you choose. That direction can always be toward: brighter expectations for the future, new personal beliefs, greater awareness of your personal power and freedom, greater acceptance of the love that exists for you, increased prioritization of serving others over the self, or any other direction that you so choose. For as your consciousness moves in the present moment, so will your body- and even your reality itself- also move. Even if the effects may not always be immediately apparent, make no mistake that how you choose to use the present moment is always causing change. That which happens in consciousness space in the now always has an effect, even if you cannot see or understand it.

What momentum are you creating for yourself and your world today? If you are ready to do so, identify just one thing that has your attention, and choose to approach it with love, rather than fear. Even doing so with just one choice begins to move the momentum of your life in the direction of true freedom.

One thought on “The Power of the Present Moment

  • One encounter at a time. One thought at a time. One smile at a time. One awareness at a time. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you do for us, Christian. Sharing your spirit, soul, heart, love with all is proof positive that love begets love.


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