There is Always Reason to Hope

There is always reason to hope. In fact, it is the things that “cause” us to “lose hope” that are the dream. The more real and enduring reality is one of pure power, freedom, joy, and love! And thus encouraging one to hope does not so much need to be an exercise in convincing them there is reason to hope, but rather a reminder of their true nature.

In truth, hope does not contend with hopelessness- because hopelessness is the illusion. Hopelessness can only exist as that which is irrevocably powerful and formless takes a sojourn into form, and forgets itself there. What is far more fundamental than that dream is ever-present genuine knowing of total freedom and perfect love. The truth of invincible hope is the presiding rock bed that is always just beneath our feet- it does not need to strive against that which is the illusion.

Being in the illusion, however, the physical personality portion of us often needs to be reminded. And so please be lovingly reminded: remember! Remember what you are! Remember not just with your mind and with the learned ideas of this lifetime, but feel it with your ever present being! Feel it with the life that flows through you itself! You are the light, you are hope and joy. You are freedom, and power, and love! You are so free and so powerful that you have allowed yourself to “get your hands dirty” by becoming “lost” in the human experience. Even with that being the case, no matter how dire the circumstances of the Earthly play may seem, you cannot ever escape the pure hope of the immortal light that remains with you. The wonder, love, power, and hopefulness of that light is completely beyond Earthly description- and even in the darkest times, it never, ever leaves you!

Allow yourself then to let go of all that troubles you, and feel the precious presence of life that never abates. Surrender, and be reminded of that ever-present and completely unblemishable hope that always remains with you! For there is nothing you can possibly do that will ever remove you or those you love from its eternal care.

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