Separation Is an Illusion

There is actually no such thing as separation. The distance you experience is occurring within you- like a thick “sensory and thought” cloak passed over you that has deeply captivated your attention. Yet it is just an illusion. You are, in fact, everywhere.

If you’re not actually experiencing that, such a claim may seem fanciful, if not absurd. Indeed, there are no words that can truly communicate many aspects of our greater nature, for words are meant to speak to the dualistic forms of our local reality only. This is especially true when consciousness- your consciousness?- has “lost itself” within the dualistic forms and temporarily forgotten what it truly is. In that case, the separation seems very real.

Yet, in fact, everything you are experiencing is occurring within your awareness, and that awareness is irrevocably connected to the very same awareness that beholds all things. You do not need to GO anywhere- you are already a part of everything!

While you are having this deep human experience of separation, allow yourself to fully embrace it for all that it is meant to be. There is profound value in fully living the human experience.

Yet it is also important to remember that separation is an illusion, because you are actually connected to all those that seem “external” to you. Thus what you do unto others, in a real sense, you do unto yourself. “Love” then is not merely an objective, it is a move back towards the reality of the unity that exists beneath the illusion of form.

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