There is Nothing You Can Truly Do Wrong

You exist. If you explore that sincerely enough, past all of your beliefs, you will become aware that your fundamental nature is pure, worthy, and good. You just are something that is, unto itself, wondrous!

When you as a conscious awareness decided to come into this experience of limitation, it did not fundamentally change what you are. You committed to being seemingly bound to having the human experience. Meanwhile then, within that experience, it was fully understood that you would make choices. It was known that you would have to make very difficult choices, and often those choices would be made under ignorance, fear, or duress. It was known that you might act out of selfishness or cause others pain. Even now then, everything you’ve ever done is understood. “All That Is” fully understands everything, and so the reasons for your making imperfect choices are always fully understood.

Does that mean you should be selfish or cause others pain? No, of course it doesn’t, not at all. You’ve come here to experientially grow so that in fact you can be more effectively loving, more selfless, more fearless, more powerful for the good. You’ve come here to actually experientially learn not just how to perform loving actions, but how to be more loving within a rich context. Selfish or fearful choices do not fulfill that purpose, are not in alignment with your true nature, and often lead to one eventually having to experience certain challenges so as to grow past that selfishness or fear.

But never-the-less, there is nothing you can truly do wrong. All of your choices, even the “sub-optimal” ones, are understood completely for what they are. Your fundamental nature cannot be less than wondrous, no matter what may happen in the play of life. And God always, always loves and completely accepts you with a profundity that is beyond imagining.

In Neale Donald Walsch’s “Conversations With God,” Neale is told this too. He responds by asking, “if there is no punishment, then what prevents people from doing bad things to each other?” And the response came, “do you need punishment to not do bad things to each other?” Perhaps many of us on Earth do currently need to believe in consequences to prevent us from harming others, because that is “where we actually are” in our own development.

And yet when we are ready, it can be profoundly meaningful to relinquish the fear of judgment and to embrace the unimaginably deep and forgiving love that exists for us! For when we know that love, we can act out of gratefulness, out of true deepest desire to do good, rather than out of fear of punishment. We can drop guilt and shame, and allow ourselves to shine bright, knowing that we are always completely loved and accepted- no matter what!

2 thoughts on “There is Nothing You Can Truly Do Wrong

  • Because we come from the one who is divine and as he is, so are we. What are we to learn? What make you of the statement that we are spirit forever connected with the Source of our existence. Are we not then in a state of dream of this existence? Therefore nothing we do is real but an illusion.

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    • Indeed we come from the divine, from Source, and are a part of it. When the joy of the Spirit wishes to participate in Creation and “be something,” it participates in this dream, or in another dream. The dream may be a dream- it is not fundamental (spirit or consciousness is fundamental)- and yet the experience of it is meaningful. The experience of contrast is meaningful. The development of the quality of loving intent within such contrast, is even more meaningful! “Learning” then is not an intellectual learning at all, but an integration of experience, such that the true loving nature of the soul may be refined and better actualized within the dreams, allowing Creation to be even more, allowing the fundamental qualities of spirit to be even better “understood.” Perhaps one of these posts may be pertinent: Brave One, You Do Not Need to Prove Yourself or You are Treasured Beyond Comprehension


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