The Desire to Make Everything Fit

As we try to understand reality, we innately sense that everything should “fit.” The desire to make things “fit” is not just ego derived, it also stems from our inherent spiritual desire to integrate all experience. This is because at the deepest level, in truth, everything does fit- and we naturally seek to reach for that and to integrate everything that we can while we are physical. Yet as we attempt to understand and integrate our current physical experience, often the ego gets in the way: our intention quickly strays from genuinely pursuing truth (which is all encompassing) wherever it may lead, to trying to avoid pain and make ourselves feel like we have control or understanding. Understanding only a subset of relationships between forms, and then deciding to “believe things” to close the gap, is not a true pursuit of truth. Pursuit of truth requires full acknowledgement of that which we do not know- and there is a lot of that.

Because we live in a universe of duality, we often seek truth in the objects of duality themselves: ideas, objects, names, definitions, actions, or concepts. We believe “this” object is the truth, while “that” object is deception; or perhaps “this” object is good, while “that” object is evil. And yet, truth transcends all of the form (see this post or this post). Since truth transcends all of the form, when we “buy into” one form- and resist another- we are embracing something that is not fully in alignment with the truth, which is completely unified.

Thus if we wish to honor our desire to make everything fit and genuinely pursue truth, we need to be willing to look the one place we may have never looked while physical: beyond all of the things that we are trying to fit together. What does it mean to look beyond all of the things?

The things only ever exist as beheld by your awareness. Thus to look beyond them, you need to train yourself to look beyond the objects to your awareness itself. Doing so is not an action- we can say it is an exercise in intent and focus away from your many definitions and thoughts such that you can truly experience the infinite and unadulterated present moment. We often call that exercise “meditation.” Meditation is the word we use for allowing one’s self to move closer to fully experiencing the present moment, without the participation of the physical mind. The present moment is the doorway. The experience of the present moment itself transcends the objects, and in that transcendence, it is possible for each of us to take one step closer to truly experiencing the unification that exists at the root of All Things. That unification is real, and as it contains everything, everything fits.

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