The Authority of Awareness

The fact that you are aware gives you authority to explore what is real. The fact that you are aware gives you authority to interpret what you perceive.

In the individual sense, your awareness itself is “what is.” Its powers of experience, interpretation, and choice are fundamental to it. You can bind yourself to a much more limited choice-set or interpretation-set based on your own beliefs (which are typically beliefs passed to you and “hardened” over a lifetime), but fundamentally you are free to interpret absolutely everything as you will. You may temporarily wear the clothes of limited interpretation within a defined experience, but on a fundamental level you cannot be anything but utterly free!

In the Big Picture sense, God’s awareness is ultimately “what is.” It doesn’t have to answer to any other system or entity- it is What Is. You are a part of that. Metaphorically, you are a drop in the ocean- and yet still the ocean itself. Your very being is rooted in and seeks to be in loving creative service to the entire vast ocean that you most fundamentally belong to; and yet simultaneously and without contradiction you also then, as the ocean, ultimately report to nothing except what you are (the ocean itself).

This authority of awareness is important to recognize because we live in a world where our own fundamental power to interpret how we choose has been obscured beneath an extremely deep history of disempowering belief. We are so free, you see, that we can have the experience of such a deep history. And yet now many are choosing to wake up: to wake up to their power, to their profound personal responsibility, to their true nature that transcends the physical illusion. If you wish to participate in that awakening, you need to know that you have the authority to question and explore everything. If you believe otherwise, it is because you have bought into that interpretation.

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