The Gold Mine of Your Experience

Your experience is what it is for a reason. You cannot escape the nature of your experience- because what you are experiencing is always exactly what you should be experiencing in any given moment, based on the many natural laws that Source in Its incredibly loving wisdom has laid out. Thus the nature of your experience itself contains precious keys to your own development and your own life. This includes “negative” experience, which actually contains rich messages for us, if we are willing to listen.

In order to properly excavate the gold mine of your experience, you need to surrender to it. Surrender to your experience itself, not to your ideas about it. You have to be willing to actually feel whatever arises, to fully dwell in the present moment with whatever it is presently offering you, and to do so without any intellectual judgment whatsoever. The more you do that, the more you will be able to see the contents of your intellectual mind- and the resultant emotions- for what they are.

4 thoughts on “The Gold Mine of Your Experience

  • This is a hard one, Christian. If I have no judgment of what I’m experiencing, I just accept what is happening. Acting with responsibility for myself and the all, that needs to be done with intent, how can I do that if I just accept everything? When do I do that? I know I am supposed to speak up from love to help others, when does that happen if I (only) accept the experience. Don’t worry if you don’t feel you should answer, I understand you have your own path and your time is full with that. I could always ask God. lol

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    • I really am happy to read this response actually- because my hope and intention with the upcoming book (which contains all these blog posts) is to answer these kinds of natural questions with other blog posts! 🙂 You are awesome! Thank you for being you! 🙂


  • Absolutely satisfied and thrilled to have been of service then! Book! Awesome. I want my copy autographed, for no reason other than a social conditioned response that my copy will then have more value. (Thereby fulfilling someone else’s goals of consumerism- buying and valuation) 😂 Enough fun, getting serious. I probably missed any promos regarding a book since you’ve only come to my attention recently. I’ll look around for the info, but please put me on any promotional lists for it. Big hugs! (I’m going to assume to keep notifying you of questions answered, and referencing the answerfor context)


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