Society’s Misunderstanding

In the context of the larger reality around us, our society currently has a lot of things wrong:

  • We are taught that possessions will make us happy, when in truth they will not
  • We believe that matter is the most real thing there is, when in truth it is not
  • We believe that the Earth and the outer space that we can see is all there is, when in truth they are not
  • We believe that God is judgmental and “angerable,” when in truth He is not; or alternatively we believe God doesn’t exist, when in truth that which we crudely call “God” is more real than everything we know
  • We are taught that we are harshly judged for our mistakes, when in truth all things are understood
  • We are taught that we are only worthy if we do or achieve certain things, when in truth we are fundamentally worthy
  • We believe that we are unloved, when in truth we are profoundly loved, cherished, and adored
  • We are taught that humans are the only beings “with a soul,” when in truth we are not
  • We are taught to fear the dangers of the world, when in truth there is nothing to fear
  • We are taught that we have no power to change the world, when in fact we are incredibly powerful
  • We fear that death is the end, when in truth it is a fantastic beginning

With so much misunderstanding “out there,” it is no wonder that clarity often eludes us. And yet, your greatest source for knowing is not external: your own experience, your own intuition, your own knowing, your own inner connection to Spirit will whisper answers to you when society’s constant messages fail you. God is always speaking to you in one way or another, if you are humble enough to listen. Listen within openly, and with pure loving intention, and you will find that a light is always available to lead you through the ubiquitous misunderstanding of this seemingly physical world!

One thought on “Society’s Misunderstanding

  • I love this inexpressively! Mainly for Truth, but also as confirmation my own experiences got me to the right understanding.


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