Don’t Take Life So Seriously- No One Makes it Out Alive

Creation is a phenomenon rooted in joy!

However, sometimes we do not experience physical life that way.

When we adopt the “veil” and become physical, we become bound to this reality’s rule-set. That rule-set includes having a body. The body needs to physically survive. The body can be harmed. The body deteriorates. We need things to protect us, shelter us, feed us. Since the location of objects remain consistent, “possession becomes nine-tenths of the law” and control of resources by force is encouraged. The jungle evolves then to be a “kill or be killed” environment. And there isn’t a day that we don’t forget it, for we are constantly involved in a struggle for control of resources (often in the form of money), and sometimes even survival itself.

That entire experience can lead us to take things very seriously. Indeed, just the concept of one’s own body dying alone can seem like a very somber problem indeed!

From the perspective of immortal invincible spirit, the opportunity to experience such a messy, tough environment is a treasure. The decision to engage in such an experience is not done out of any seriousness, but rather out of incredible excitement and joy! Every one of us knew the challenge we signed up for before we came. We knew that we were coming to a place where we would one day die. What joy we felt at the opportunity!

That may sound confusing, or perhaps even masochistic- but in fact as creators it is we that have interpreted our experience here in that way. We have created this world and its perceptions. It can be very liberating to be reminded- if we dare- that none of it needs to be feared or taken too seriously.

In fact, there is nothing you are “supposed” to be doing. There is nothing you absolutely “have” to do! If you feel there is, it is because you have chosen to buy into that belief for one reason or another. You may have bought into various beliefs and interpretations that lead you to feel that you “must” do this or that- and that is a great experience to have- but none of it is fundamental. Fundamentally you are free, joyful awareness. Fundamentally you, and the person next to you, cannot be harmed. Fundamentally you are more than all of the things in your mind, your life, and even your imagination.

So kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride! Play the game of life with the carefree joy that is still you down in there. What’s the worst that could happen?

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