You Need Love

Love is what you seek. You may not even consciously remember the love that you seek, but as it is native to your being, you seek it every day. God’s love- however you may or may not identify it- is your substance, your life blood, your desire and drive. It is the place from which you’ve come and to which you will return. It is what you yearn for. It is your ultimate strength and your motivation. It is the purity of being that rests beneath all your interpretations. Love is the fountain of life from which you spring.

It is OK to acknowledge your deep, deep longing to truly be loved and accepted. Yet doing so may mean acknowledging to yourself how very much you have NOT received the love that you have yearned for: in other words, facing your deepest wounds and mistreatments. But that is OK! You do need love, and it is OK to turn into a sobbing wreck and surrender to “daddy God” (or however else you may conceptualize our Source)! It is even OK to be angry about it. If you are truly open, you will find that the spirit is always there for you, and can take any “vent” that you might dish out. The love that exists specifically for YOU is very real, and it transcends all the pain you have suffered.

You may feel abandoned and unloved at times, but in truth, you never are.

Just as you need love, recognize that it is also the thing that everyone around you needs. We all need love! Yet we are so tangled by a lifetime of thoughts that we have become lost in the deep illusion of separation that is physical life. We turn to forms around us to fill the void- to substances, to entertainment, to possessions, to ideas. We have forgotten that we are searching for love. Those who are around you have forgotten.

You are here for a purpose. That purpose is to love! Be the reminder. The being who is next to you right now needs what you have to give. Shine God’s love back into the world! For as you need it, give it!

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