The Peace of Non-Seeking

The very act of seeking itself can be a move away from peace. In a sense, in wanting something we are actually moving away from it, because pursuing it is often done in service of the idea that we lack it in the first place. In trying to become rich, we become poor; in trying to become free, we lose sight of the freedom we already have; in trying to become spiritually enlightened, we can become self-centered.

Pursuing something to satiate a need is ultimately empty; all things are already present right now.

There is no place we truly need to go. There is no thing we truly need to do. There is no object we truly need; no reconfiguration of the play is actually necessary. In knowing that fully, there is peace.

In hearing this, we may decide to even reject seeking itself (a new thing to pursue or reject). But rejection is not the way. The way transcends and yet can arise within all objects, all paths, all searches. That truth is actually not an abstract or far away thing – rather, it is the closest thing to us. We simply need: to Be.

Be. You are, and that is more than enough! Be today, be here. Give the world the gift of your attention, your full presence, with no seeking required.

Becoming Comfortable with Uncertainty

“Become at ease with the state of ‘not knowing.’ This takes you beyond mind because the mind is always trying to conclude and interpret. It is afraid of not knowing. So, when you can be at ease with not knowing, you have already gone beyond the mind. A deeper knowing that is non-conceptual then arises out of that state.” –Eckhart Tolle

In its desperate striving for control, the ego hates uncertainty. Because we have fear and ego, we hate uncertainty. But the uncertainty that can occur within this veiled experience of this rigorous physical universe is actually taking place within the larger context of spirit, which is built on the law of love. Therefore, even when great uncertainty arises, we need not fear it. We are always in love’s care.

Uncertainty is an opportunity. As it arises, it provides valuable counter-pressure which can allow one to face and feel the real fear that is within. There is no shame in feeling fear when our physical life or stability is threatened: even acknowledging that we feel it, and allowing it to arise clearly, is a step toward integrating it and healing it forever.

While uncertainty may evoke the fear of lack of control (the perception of powerlessness), that perceived lack of control is actually an opportunity. Power lies in accepting powerlessness. When that acceptance is done not as an idea, but as a deep personal surrender, true power is regained.

The process of becoming comfortable with uncertainty may not be a swift one, but that is OK- every step toward conquering fear is accomplishing real work! It can potentially take many moments or many lifetimes to face and heal our deeper fears. Yet we need not be daunted by the scope, for there is immeasurable power in this present moment!

What uncertainty is arising in this present moment for you? Whatever it is, be here. Listen to your deepest heart, and meet it as truly as you can. Do not fear- it is how the “play” on the stage is arising for you at this time. Your inalienable power to choose has not been removed, and it never will be. Make a choice from love, courage, honesty, and non-resistance, rather than fear. The circumstances do not have to land a certain way for you to be free, for you to be you. Spirit is with you, indeed the very Source of All Things is with you right now! In that, truly- what is there to fear?

The Ubiquitous Presence of Life

Life is always present in everything, because Life (which is synonymous with awareness, or spirit, or consciousness) is always present in every experience. An experience cannot occur without awareness of it. Life is present for everything ever experienced. You are living awareness, too- and as your awareness is a part of the “sea of awareness,” you are connected to everything, everywhere.

How can you be alone, when everywhere you go, everything you see, and everyone you meet, is Life? How can you be alone when the you that sees is the same you that is all things?

There is no content that can occur within Life that can separate you from Life. There is no experience of distance, no experience of pain, no experience of loss that can truly separate you from what you really are. All things are made of Life, and you are Life- so how can you ever be absent from its care?

Operating Creatively From Within Human Conditioning

The belief in an objective external physical world can inhibit us from understanding the larger context in which we exist. Reality is ultimately consciousness based, not ultimately based on our shared physical environment or the activities that we can mutually validate here. The content of our shared physical environment is of course valid and worthwhile, but it is not fundamental. And indeed, in the Big Picture, our physical experience of Earth is actually quite a specific and unique form of experience!

In thought responsive systems our personal nature gives rise to reality experiences of incredible richness and depth. Our thoughts, beliefs, expectations, and intent all have profound power to shape what we and others experience. Our innate creative power becomes immediately evident.

Since our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations are currently based on what we’ve learned during our time on Earth, when we (as the human personality) encounter thought-responsive systems, we often engage with them in ways that are very “human.” We see human environments, we interact with human objects, we perform human activities, and we encounter very real forms that arise from the rich and varied content of the human collective consciousness- including religious, mythological, and symbolic forms. The symbols become alive, and we may forget that they arose from us.

But you and I are far more than human! We are far more than the patterns, sights, sounds, teachings, ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that we have become so wrapped up within while we have been veiled in the human experience on Earth. In large part, our limitations are something we learned while on Earth. You and I are not so limited as it may seem!

Here and elsewhere, be aware of your power! You are not powerless- except that you believe that you are. You are not trapped- except that you believe that you are. You are not the forms and restrictions. You are not even your body. Rather, you are a powerful spark of the creative Source of all things! And whether you are consciously aware of that or not, you will be wielding your creative power: you can choose to do so consciously.

Be aware of who you are! The “content” that you are holding within you is the fuel of your current experience. Face that content, process it, integrate it, overcome it- and find who you really are! Face yourself, your motivations, your intent. Face your fear! You always hold the keys within you to what you see around you, both in this system and in others.

Form as an Expression of the Joy of Being

The joy of Being expresses through form. Form is of Being, even as Being transcends it- and so Being revels in the forms that it loves and that are expressions of its native Love. The love of a sunset, the love of the beauty of a child’s laughter, the love of color and song- these and more are Beingness being what it is, even as it rejoices at the forms that exist within it and of it.

Beingness revels in manifest creation! Beingness revels in creating sunsets, and laughter, and color, and song. Consciousness loves sensation. Consciousness loves experience.

This love is at the root of all manifest experience- even experience that can, for a time, have a most severe edge in the world of duality. The soul is so churning with this love that it may even seek to test the very boundaries of manifest expression- to test the farthest extremes of duality; to know them. Our world is one of many that fulfill such powerful love-based creative ambition.

Even though here on Earth we have accomplished a daringly deep dive into the world of the discreet, that love is still what we are! Every single experience is, ultimately, underlined by this love. And thus any form- no matter what it is- has the potential to be known in joy. We may feel constantly experientially distanced from this joy by the boundaries of the separate self: by our addiction to thinking, by our thick association with our labels, by our resistance to truly feeling what we feel, and by our fierce and constant grasping for human identity- but even those experiences are made of the same substance. Even the separate self arises in love and from the joy of Being as that joy of Being actualizes its powerful adoration of manifest experience! And that joy of Being, rather than the separate human, is what we really are.