Working Past the Assumption of the Objective Material World

We live in a world that appears to be a shared objective reality. In our world, if someone goes to some place and sees something, they can report that something to you and you can gain knowledge about it second hand. We often assume that the same is true for the larger reality.

Reality is ultimately consciousness based, not objective material world based. So the nature of the experience of any one given individual can be significantly different than that of another- in fact they are two different experiences entirely. This is true even in our local world, where two people experience the same physical event in their own unique way, and often quite differently. But that truth is even more apparent in other reality systems, many of which are instantaneously responsive to the personal nature and intent of the individual. The “objects” reported from those environments then are often more of a reflection of the individual and their beliefs than they are of the “reality itself.”

In order to pursue understanding of the larger reality then, we need to be willing to let go of many of the physical assumptions that we hold so dear. One of those assumptions is the belief in an objective material world. The world of matter is a consistent shared experience, not a fundamental place. What is truly present is not the matter, but consciousness itself which is having the deep dream of matter. While the veil of the dream remains thick for many on Earth, the spirit is not fundamentally constrained by distance, or matter, or certain methods of perception, or even linear time. Thus as we seek to understand the big picture from the human perspective, it behooves us to release those assumptions. For even though we naturally associate with the context of the physical dream, our true nature is far more wonderful and unlimited than any part of the dream’s structure.

The Playing Field of the Small Stuff

The name of the game is even the simplest actions performed from kindness, compassion, or love! We do not necessarily need to aspire to achieve some great physical accomplishment. We only need to meet any given moment or any given interaction with a right state of being.

From the perspective of the spirit, success is when kindness, compassion, or love is genuinely brought forth in even the smallest way. Even the whisper in the quiet of your own heart is important. Success is not measured in moving mountains, because the mountains of Earth are not fundamentally real anyway. What is real is you- your consciousness itself- and when that you chooses to meet any given moment with love, the heavens themselves rejoice!

The goal then is not to achieve a given physical configuration in how the contents of Earth look. The playing field is the moving of your own spirit, the wielding of your own precious intent. And the wielding of intent is done within all scale of physical activity, whether it be large or small, and whether it be thought, word, or deed. All choices then, no matter their scope, are grounds for the real opportunity- which is how we bring our being to bear within the physical context. Our simplest and most noble power is in how we choose to meet our experience.

And when genuine love is the motivation behind even the small choices, the contents of Earth work themselves out on their own!

Let us focus then not on the scope and size, not on the forms and systems- but on who we really are, and on how we may be there for each other. Let our choice be a kind gesture, a supportive smile, a gentle hand on the bark of an old tree. For though those choices may appear small, when motivated by genuine love, the smallest choice is the greatest accomplishment.

You Are a Creator

You are a powerful creative being! You are capable of creating realities. You do so individually, and you also do so collectively. Source is immeasurably creative- and you are a part of Source.

Our world is a place where we learn how to manage the contents of our own nature. We experientially learn how to wield our intent. We experientially learn to actualize our deeper creative and loving Beingness within a rigorous context. We experientially master the power of contrast! As we do that here, we are better able to do so in contexts that are beyond our human comprehension. No matter the type of experience we entertain, no matter how deep and dark it may seem, we are always beings of love and creative power. Indeed, as immortal spirits we are bold in the depths to which we are willing to go in the name of creativity and love.

Compared to other reality systems, ours is dense and firm. But even here, our creative nature always operates. Even here, we alter the contents of our personal experience, our collective experience, and our apparently shared external material world, by the nature of our own thoughts, beliefs, and intentions.

So be reminded of your power today! Reality is listening to you. What are you saying to it?

Tearing Down the “Wall of Belief”

We commonly turn to beliefs for answers when the world “does things” to us that cause us to feel personal fears. Beliefs give the illusion of control, which makes us feel better. Thousands of times over a lifetime we turn to our beliefs for comfort. We justify, bury, or avoid certain pains or fears by buying into the stories of our beliefs. If and when we eventually want to truly question our beliefs someday, we often find then that we cannot, because questioning them would mean tearing down the wall we had built to protect ourselves from what we didn’t want to feel in the first place. It can be difficult- and even completely terrifying- to finally face the fear that we originally needed the help of beliefs to avoid fully feeling.

As two brief examples: if you are afraid of being (feeling) worthless, perhaps you have adopted a belief that your actions or affiliations give you worth. If you are afraid of dying, perhaps you have embraced a belief in a prescribed afterlife. Typically, we each have many examples of such beliefs that we have erected over a lifetime. In fact, over time our core beliefs end up becoming so deeply rooted that they do not appear to us to be beliefs anymore, but rather they appear to be fundamental characteristics of reality itself!

Yet in fact, the “Big Picture” reality exists firmly beyond personal beliefs. As stark and unforgiving as this current constraint-set of physical reality may seem at times, truly it is subordinate to the greater reality of love, peace, and bliss! That is true even if we don’t see it in our current level of awareness. Thus, if we are willing to leave the comfort of our beliefs and walk through the opaque hellfire of our fears to experience exactly “What Is,” we have the opportunity to reach true relief and joy. It may take incredible personal courage and humility to do so, but such are some of the most exciting and rewarding challenges to the spirit!

So be brave, and be hopeful, and when you feel you are ready, know that you are free to tear down those walls where you find them. For you exist firmly beyond the concepts of your local identity, and ultimately you have nothing to fear by challenging them.

Not One Ounce of Pain is Wasted

Reality is efficient. All things occur within “divine laws” that have been established from inconceivable wisdom and love! That includes experiences of hardship and pain. As difficult as it can be for us to understand, pain too is meaningful, and ultimately has an important role that serves lasting love and joy.

How can this be? How can terrible pain and misery exist within love? What purpose can it possibly serve? While this is very difficult to speak to from the human perspective, there are three important points we may consider.

First, the experience of contrast creates a distance into which the fullness of the Joy of Being may expand. Everything “negative” serves as a point of contrast to help establish the experientially known depths of what is “positive.” In other words, love can be better known, forever, when the spirit has actually known and understood separation from love.

Second, “negative” experience, even when unanticipated, offers a “counter-pressure opportunity” for the spirit to exercise loving or brave choice-making through. Put as a very crude metaphor, if you can play the video game on a harder difficulty level, you develop mastery very quickly and can then later apply that mastery in other games (other realities) in other ways. The counter-pressure of challenge enables us to expand our capacity for expressing and actualizing love.

Third, by experiencing challenge, the whole system ends up “discovering novelty” within itself and adding potential. Creative manifestation begets more creative manifestation. Put another way, even in apparent destruction, more things become possible than may otherwise have been possible.

All three of these ultimately serve lasting love and joy! Indeed, in the perfect balance of What Is, not one ounce of pain is wasted- for even when we cannot see it, every element of our experience, including our pain, is a precious and meaningful part of the great love-threaded tapestry of Creation.

Your Soul’s “JOB”

The soul’s JOB is the Joy Of Being! There is nothing else required of the soul- it only needs to exist, and then flourish the beauty and bliss of that existence in a multitude of ways!

We are bold in how we create. We are so bold that we have embarked upon this great journey of the human condition. We are so free, and so powerful, and so loved, that we have decided to exercise our Beingness to new depths by experiencing almost complete separation. And now that we are here, many of us have come to take this experience quite seriously.

But beneath the seriousness and the pain, the soul has no restrictions, no requirements, and no hardship. The soul is free in love! The soul ever-burns with the joy and bliss of Being!

You are soul- so that is true of you, too. You do not need to fret or fear: you only need to be. Your only job is to exist in the radiant joy of what you are, and to share that joy richly with all other parts of the One!

Your job then is to exist, to experience joy, and to love! There are no other true requirements of you. And when your mind says otherwise, be brave and bold enough to find the beliefs you are holding that “prove” that to you. Those beliefs are, in an ultimate sense, untrue. Yes, we must strive to do our part in our local world in a practical way, to care for those who need us and to perform the many daily actions of life. But that can be done through the freedom of being that is already ours, and not only as a struggle against the weight of responsibility. Any belief in shame, or fear, or powerlessness is ultimately untrue. It is only when we buy into the illusions of those perceptions- when we wrap our true selves up in those negative beliefs and self-perceptions- that we, because of those beliefs, feel something is required of us to return to wholeness.

We never left; our true job never changed. The Joy Of Being is all that we must do, and even as we perform our many meaningful roles in the human drama, the Isness that we are dwells firmly in joy beneath all the requirements that our local self may have put upon it.

Love is the Absolute Foundation

Love is always the foundation upon which all is built. There is not one process that did not begin in love and will not end in love.

The truth is not hard or cold, ever. The truth always falls back to love. If something appears hard or cold, it is an appearance. Appearances can last a long time; appearances can seem very real as we buy into them and believe our own interpretations about them. We only have the power to do so because we are a part of the One sovereign consciousness, and we can choose to even deeply experience a temporary interpretation for a while. But the greater truth, the ever-lasting unshakable bedrock of all of existence, is love! Freedom, joy, and love is the true root of all creation.

Every single thing always, always occurs as a result of the unfathomable depths of unconditional love giving rise to it. Reality systems come and go, complex patterns in the tapestry spun out of love, and spun because of love. The tapestry may contain horrifying images; but no more than the greatness of love that gave rise to them and expands its own creative depths even through them.

We are free to buy into our interpretations of less-than-love. We are so free we can do even that. But we cannot ever truly escape the truth of the freedom, joy, and love of our own being. Even as we take temporary experiential sojourns seemingly far away from that freedom and joy, we are still within it. Love cannot be overcome, and we are love- so what shall we fear?

Beingness Transcends Religion

God has no religion, except that we do.

As we exist in a world of form, we come to understand reality within the context of that form. We impose meaning upon the form we have experienced. We formalize and institutionalize our interpretations, and we are often happy to buy into the interpretations that are passed to us, and to pass them along ourselves. In spiritual matters, we tend to attribute the very real internal experience of the divine to the forms themselves. But the forms- the ideas, the objects, the traditions- do not have fundamental existence. They are but shadows arising within the One, as are all forms. They are fragments, and not the Whole. No fragment can fully satisfy, because our true nature is not fragmented at all.

Beingness needs no name. Beingness transcends all names. Beingness can arise into the experience of limited perspective, and temporarily assign the power to the shadowy forms occurring within it, but such forms are not truly reflective of the perfect unity and limitlessness of What Truly Is.

The true path is Love! Love transcends all restrictions, all requirements, all definitions. Love cannot be contained within a given set of ideas or practices- it can operate through them all. Love can mean both structure, or lack of structure; beliefs, or lack of beliefs. The living power of love thrives both within and beyond all the form of our entire universe! May our human practices align with that living power! May our religion be the religion of compassion, kindness, humility, personal ownership, bravery, and selfless love- whether outside of named structure, or within whatever structure or form we genuinely feel called to express it.

Your Body Is an Experience

Your body is an experience, not a fundamentally real object. Your body is a set of constraints that your consciousness is experiencing per a defined physical rule-set in consciousness space. There is not a fundamentally real piece of flesh that you are inhabiting. Rather, your body exists as an experience that is occurring within you!

You already existed before you engaged in the experience of a physical body, and you will exist after that bodily experience ends. Just as a movie screen exists before and after an image is projected upon it, your awareness exists before and after the experience of the body appears within it.

However, in our case, many of us do not remember existing before the body. That is because the veil of forgetfulness is tied to the acceptance of the bodily constraint-set. It feels to us like the body is all we have ever been, because that is the nature of such a highly specialized experience as being human.

Regardless of the veiling that occurred so that you could have the focused human experience and remember nothing beyond it, your true nature stands firm. Your true loving nature does not give way; its existence is sure and ever-present! It is only within that sure and ever-present true nature that the experience of the body with its limited perceptions and recollections exists.

The One and the Many

We are One, and yet we are Individual. This is a great truth. From our local perspective, those two statements may seem like a paradox, but they are not. In other systems you are aware of your Oneness with All, and yet also your Individuality, which is precious and preserved.

You have likely forgotten that you are connected to everything else because you agreed to adopt that restriction (in appearance only) in order to have the human experience. Even though that is true, you are still what you are. You cannot ever be separate from All That Is! You can only agree to have an apparent experience of separation so that you can participate in experiential expansion!

When physical life ends, you become aware of all the ways you affected everyone else in your entire life. Near Death Experiencers often describe this “life review” process as being “first hand”: you experience exactly what you caused others to experience. You know because what you have done to another, you have done to yourself.

And this is why love is such an important theme: love is reflective of the unity that is native to our being. Love is reflective of what we really are! Love is the body of the One Being working in concert. Treat the other as yourself, for the other is yourself!