The Deepening of Experience Through Focus

Because consciousness is fundamental, there is always a result when it directs itself towards something. The focus of consciousness itself has an effect. Focus tends to deepen that which is being focused on.

The more we focus on the physical, the more “deep” we go into the experience of it. The more we focus on one way of thinking, the more real it becomes. The more we repeat a belief to ourselves, the more real it becomes. The more we spend time in a culture, the more it tends to become normalized. Through our focus we wear pathways into the fresh wilderness of conscious experience, and then experience reality as just those pathways.

It is important for us at times then to pause and appraise what we are focused on, so we can make a conscious decision to shift our focus. Practicing this allows us to gain control of what we are experiencing!

Often though we must do so from a place of significant previously-established momentum. Sometimes the pathways of our identity, thoughts, and beliefs are so worn into our experience that we lose sight of them completely. So as we work to more consciously reclaim our focus and forge new paths in the grass, it is important to give permission to one’s self to release all assumptions, and all requirements. Our deepest beliefs about reality may not be true- and even if so, they will often appear as facts. We need to give ourselves permission to relinquish even those.

The truth of our being is perfect love, joy, creativity, and freedom! So as we more consciously choose where to place our focus, we benefit mightily from choosing new paths of love, joy, creativity, and freedom! Do you know that you are worthy of doing so? If not, please be reminded now: you are deeply, profoundly worthy! Do you know that you are permitted to consciously choose where to focus, and what to believe? You are completely allowed to choose where to focus and what to believe! No matter your circumstances, you are allowed to focus on that which you deem to be full of love, joy, creativity, and freedom.

This is not a process of avoidance or escape from some “reality of suffering.” Rather, even as we choose our focus, we can simultaneously fully accept all that we have rejected! We can do this because all experience is ultimately rooted in love and joy. Put another way: while perspectives of suffering are valid, ultimately they are already incomplete in that they actually fall short of the broader enduring foundation of love and joy that is native to all experience.

Whether we are consciously aware of that or not, we can benefit from utilizing the power that is available to us to choose a focus that is more in alignment with that enduring foundation of love and joy.  And as we do so, our new focus will begin to wear new paths, and our actual experience will gradually brighten to match our new focus.

3 thoughts on “The Deepening of Experience Through Focus

  • Here’s a few Books that will also seem daunting, and also, Most Helpful in Clarity.
    (Depending on One’s Belief’s and Perception).
    *The “I AM” Discourses (from Ascended Master St. Germain)
    *Kryon Books 1-6

    I’m not one who just believes what I AM told, but when I do get information outside thyself, and it coincides with what I have already known from within…then I know I’m connected to the “real truth,” which is The Great Laws of Life/Universe/God.
    It wasn’t coincidence when I was Given these books, one, by a very quick acquaintance (angel?) in 2006.
    I’ve been ever Thankful for them since (along with other Helpful readings, especially when “dusting thyself off, and getting back-up” again and again).
    Christian’s, and these other Reminders, sure do help one to Remember Everything Will-be A-okay for All. Blessed Be.


  • “The truth of our being is perfect love, joy, creativity, and freedom!” I can understand the state of being love and joy. Can you expand a little on being creativity, but especially being freedom?


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