You Are Free to Choose Your Beliefs

You are completely free to choose what to believe. The only way this can seem untrue is if you believe it is untrue.

Your beliefs act as a filter through which you experience reality. Our physical reality is a place where you are able to buy into some set of ideas, including ideas about yourself and the world, and then experience exactly what it is like to have that perspective.

Does that mean there is no absolute truth? No. Absolute truth exists within Beingness, but Beingness transcends all form (all “this and not that” distinctions as we perceive them). That which we call God is the living conscious source of “big picture” Truth. But God is not a “thing,” like one thing among many, but rather God is in fact beyond all form and gives rise to it all. Beingness is not beholden to perceived objects or ideas, which exist only because of Beingness and within Beingness- so no objects or ideas can fully speak to What Is Happening.

Meanwhile as our consciousness is engaged in a form-based reality like ours, of course we use form to understand and engage this physical experience. Our reality experience takes place within a consistent rule-set (the physical rule-set), and within a rigorous context, so we intently look to that context for answers. In other words, we understand and engage our experience through the ideas, objects, symbols, sights, sounds, and all the other many forms of our physical lives. That is good and natural, and the divine can and does work through those forms to engage with us. But ultimately, “big picture” Truth is beyond naming. There is no way to even attempt to utter the depths and vastness of “big picture” Truth with physical language. As we strive in vain to do so, we might say that the truth is: absolute and total love, limitlessness, and transcendent Beingness!

And that is what you really are.

As transcendent Beingness yourself, you are absolutely free then to decide how you will frame this reality experience you are having. You have that power. If you don’t believe you have that power, it is because you bought into that belief. Perhaps you have done so long ago in Earthly childhood. But the power is still yours. You cannot not be what you really are. Your true being transcends the forms of your life- and thus, you always get to choose how you will interpret and what you will believe about those forms.

2 thoughts on “You Are Free to Choose Your Beliefs

  • This is much like what I’ve heard from NDE’rs that “we create our own reality”. When I was young, I had a huge fear/belief in ‘the devil’ Now I realize if I don’t believe in him, he no longer exists in my life. He was just a concept. I made him ‘real’ by believing in him. But he doesn’t actually exist. Does this make sense?


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