We Will Get There

Near Death Experiencers often describe that they sense everything being in perfect order. One may ask, how can this be, given all the apparent destruction and suffering in the world?

“Everything being in perfect order” does not mean that we are expressing love in the most optimal way, yet. We knowingly came into a very difficult constraint-set (the physical universe) to refine our ability to make love-based (rather than fear-based) choices within a challenging environment. We have a long way to go: each of us still often make choices based out of fear rather than love. But, because of the “divine law” that Source has in place, whether quickly or slowly (depending on our choices), we will get there. The process is unfolding successfully! But it’s a real system- real beings are making real free will choices- and that can get “apparently messy.” That messiness is a price that we were all willing to pay to participate in such an amazing endeavor of creative expansion!

To put it in religious terms: God’s plan cannot fail. We all choose every day how readily we will work with it, or not- but it cannot fail. The spiritual systems that are in place do, over time, encourage each of us to actually grow up towards love, to integrate our fears, and to fully express ourselves in a huge variety of conditions. As we do that, the plan of God is fulfilled. And, despite how circumstances may appear on the surface, we are doing that right now!

So take heart, have hope, and be encouraged! There is great opportunity and power in any given moment to choose love and compassion, even in the simplest of ways. As you do so, as a part of the One yourself, you actually facilitate the successful fulfillment of the great plan for this universe!

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