The Allure of Vibrational Distance

As we exist in a non-physical state prior to incarnation, our true nature is completely known to us. We fully know what we truly are: a boundless part of All Things. The physical experience offers us the opportunity to fully experience a profoundly different “vibration.” The experience of that new vibration permits the individual to engage and personally integrate a new level of being. And vibrations that are extremely dissimilar from our native state- those we might crudely call “low” vibrations- offer the greatest opportunity for expansion. In fact, the “distance” away that one can go is commensurate to the potential increase in capacity of the individual (if they can integrate that distance). Because the potential increase in the individual’s capacity is commensurate to the distance, diving way in is incredibly enticing and desired. This is why so many souls choose significant challenges on Earth. The greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity.

Once we’re here though, we may be so dissatisfied that we even rage against reality itself. But that dissatisfaction and that rage are signs that the spirit is being engaged with an experience that it has not yet fully integrated, and are signs themselves that opportunity for real growth is present!

As all-powerful spirit, we actually yearned for the opportunity to experience such stark challenge! Now that we are here, now that the “rubber is meeting the road” – we can recognize even in our perceived hardship that in fact, we are being presented with a real opportunity. If you put aside your ego, let go of your fears and demands, and completely surrender to your experience of the present moment without any requirement or expectation, the deeper parts of you will always be ready to take you the next step towards the integration that you desired so “long ago.” That integration may be an extremely intense process: you may have to face your deepest, darkest fears, and actually feel your most poignant pains- but there is true healing and power available in doing so. It is often the very discomfort of our lives that finally pushes us to integrate the wonders of our depths! So we might as well choose to do so when the darkness comes, and use the vibrational distance for how it was intended. Nothing, ultimately, can change your true immortal nature- so embrace the adventure of the full experience of physical life while you are here!

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