Addicted to Form

Being able to be something (while being “not something else”) is an exciting and amazing opportunity for the spirit. “All That Is” can become even profoundly more when it- through you- can experience actually being “this and not that.” Creation gains meaning in the process. Right now as you experience your own identity and circumstances, you are participating in that very valuable process.

As we participate in that process, we end up being deeply mired in the dualism (being “this and not that”). We become so entrenched in the perception of duality, and we focus on it so much, that we become “lost” in it. We forget all else. We might even say that in a sense we are currently “addicted” to form. We are often addicted to thinking, to defining, to quantifying, to identifying. It is common to be addicted to these things when one is existing in a dualistic reality such as ours, as such stark dualism is a remarkably alluring and rich experience!

However, it is worthwhile to note while we are here that our larger state of being always transcends all of the form. Our awareness itself spans incredible distances of time and space- in fact all of the distances of time and space- as well as all of the “this or that” ideas that exist here on Earth. You may be completely focused on the form, but in fact, you are fundamentally free! Those statements are not just ideas- they attempt to describe your very actual nature of being, even if you have forgotten it.

You can let go of the form. You are free enough to do that! You can let go of your judgments. You can let go of your needs. You can even let go of your thoughts themselves, and just allow yourself to be exactly with “what is,” just for the moment. You do not need to quantify or qualify anything at all. In fact, you may find that when you finally let go, the peace and joy available to you far surpasses any of the wonders available in beholding the stimulating dream that is before you.

4 thoughts on “Addicted to Form

    • I love this comment, because this is so how it “feels”! 🙂 The “veil” here is thick! Once focused back in the physical, its “thickness” quickly returns.


  • Being something and not everything is perspective. Being something else provides another perspective. Being everything OR nothing in particular has NO perspective OR ALL perspectives all at once. So FORM is very necessary to provide the experience as with the definition we become confined enough to FEEL and EXPERIENCE. To me that means that ONE can be anything as long as there is a perspective because having ALL perspectives simultaneously would mean there is no opinion and no learning YET all opinions and all knowledge but without perspective. We exist to learn and experience ONE PERSPECTIVE at a TIME.


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