Awakening Through Freedom From Belief

There is nothing you believe that you didn’t first decide to buy into at some point. Even your deepest assumptions about how reality works are viewpoints that you had to establish.

Physical reality is a defined context that provides a neutral mirror through which you may experience the nature of your perspectives and beliefs. Physical reality is such that through its constraints, you may very richly experience your unique perspective. In a reality like ours, that perspective can get incredibly “deep” over the course of a lifetime- so convincingly deep that you can forget entirely where you have come from, or even what your assumptions are! This in fact is one the reasons the physical experience is so very valuable to the soul: it allows you to truly experience a defined and unique perspective first-hand. Another reason is, such a deep perspective allows for a very rich place from which you can make choices, so that you can ultimately evolve the quality of your intent toward love.

As we undertake our exceptionally long journeys across space and time, we seek to grow towards love. An important part of growing towards love is growing past fear. And many times as humans, our beliefs are put in place to protect us from our fears. Thus, in fact, we are doing a great service when we decide to confront our beliefs and face the fears that they were protecting. That awakening process is a very meaningful one indeed! When we face our fear, not only are we able to free ourselves from its shackles, we are able to then actualize a more loving presence in our world for everyone else.

Even as deep and convincing as this physical experience and its resulting beliefs can be, if you remove or look past all of the thoughts and beliefs, you will find that beneath them is always what you truly are: your awareness. Your awareness is the silent witness to all of your thoughts and beliefs, the presence that beholds your entire physical experience. Your awareness is you; your current beliefs and identity details are not. In fact, you do not need to believe anything, or think anything, or do anything. If you feel otherwise, it is because you believe it.

You do not need to fear changing your beliefs or viewpoint at any level. You are free to do that! In fact you will find that as you let go of the assumptions that have bound you, and truly face and process your fears, that you are more free than ever! For the spirit itself is much more than the forms it temporarily beholds, and there is always great joy when you take a step closer toward what you really are.

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