Happiness is Always Within You

You do not need any single thing to be happy. Happiness is available in every moment at the root of experience. Yet we experience unhappiness. We experience unhappiness because we buy into thoughts and beliefs about the current situation or stimulus that are counter to our true nature. It is never the situation or stimulus itself that causes us to be unhappy- it is our interpretation of the situation or stimulus that causes us to be unhappy.

The Source of happiness is within you! You do not need to go anywhere to find it. You do not need to do anything or attain anything to be what you are. What you are is conscious awareness- and awareness, when it hasn’t been obscured by getting lost in the illusion of form, is profoundly blissful! When you allow yourself to let go and just be what you truly are, joy is always the natural experience. Joy is the native and natural state!

In order to re-familiarize yourself with what you really are while you are inside this “dream” of physical life, you can allow yourself to completely let go- at least for awhile- of all that you are not. You are not your thoughts, you are not your judgments, you are not your expectations, you are not your beliefs. You are not your responsibilities, you are not your abilities or disabilities, and you are not your pain. You are the awareness that beholds those things. You are the you that feels most like you to you! You are the awareness which is “wearing” those thoughts, judgments, expectations, and beliefs for a while.  As awareness, you always have permission to let go of your thoughts about the present moment, and to just fully experience the present moment for exactly what it is without any resistance or rejection. If you do so deeply enough you will find that beneath all the pain, there is always joy!

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