Survival Is Not Your Goal

Your goal for being here is not to survive. In fact, your body won’t. Your goal is to shine joyfully as your true self, to bring the light of love into this experience, to grow toward genuine love, to process your fears, and to add to creation by being the real you. You are here to be genuine and to exercise true loving intent in common moments wherever you are, not to protect yourself at the cost of others.

In this context, it is not enough to financially succeed. It is not enough to fit in and to be comfortable. It is not enough to achieve stability in a world where the normal way of doing so is by primarily thinking of yourself and not those around you.

It is enough to simply be. It is enough to put another before yourself in whatever small way is available to you in the present moment. It is enough to create something, even if no one else will see it. It is enough to have fun. It is enough to follow the calling of your spirit, even if you abandon comfort.

The universe is built in a spirit of playfulness, joy, and pure creativity. Thus, while your body here won’t last, you might as well enjoy the rigorous environment of this physical universe and use it in a way that satisfies your soul!

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