Following Life’s Natural Dynamic

There is a natural way that events tend to unfold. From the highest orders of magnitude to the lowest, life follows similar patterns of development at every level. Seasons, cycles of birth and death, cycles of development from low-complexity to high-complexity: patterns emerge and repeat under the ultimate direction of the universal laws that God has laid out in His incredibly deep wisdom.

Those laws include feedback mechanisms both “outside” of us and “within” us. When we listen to those mechanisms, we live life more smoothly. When we resist those mechanisms, we experience struggle and difficulty. Oftentimes we choose the latter, and we do so with great effort and resolve! We do this because we think we know in our minds what will be best for us. We deeply trust the intellect to lead us toward the situation that we believe, for one or many reasons, will be optimal.

In fact, we are far more than our limited human intelligence, and the knowledge and wisdom of the spirit from which we come is far greater than that of our Earthly intellect. Spirit has a much better vantage point.

Furthermore, the universal laws established per the will of God are ultimately perfect in their operation- and so, properly and honestly interpreted, they can be trusted.

Thus when making decisions in our own lives, it can be beneficial to recognize the “place” of the intellect- and instead try to listen to what life itself is telling us. We can always listen with the “being level” and turn to God for guidance. Oftentimes in silence and genuine humble surrender, the divine will indeed reach out to us. But even if we cannot hear it, we can still look at the “currents” in our lives for guidance. Which way is the current flowing? It might be easier to recognize than you may think: God’s way is the way of love, stresslessness, creativity, understanding, forgiveness, acceptance, and joy!

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