The Treasures Within

We are taught to constantly focus outside of ourselves. We have things to do, places to go, bills to pay, appointments to keep, and people to interact with. We need to eat, sleep, walk, talk, and move. We think we are our physical bodies, and we perceive others as theirs. We even believe quite firmly that what is “real” is that which is outside of us that can be verified by others.

Yet through meditation, one begins to get profound glimpses of a much larger truth: all of that which is taking place “outside” of us is in fact taking place “inside” of us!

You are not the objects of your experience that have beheld your attention for so long (the objects of your experience include both the perception of physical objects and also your thoughts and emotions). Rather, the objects of your experience are taking place within your awareness. The sense data that you experience even when others verify what is “outside” of you is also taking place within your awareness of it.

When you gently and gradually quiet your physically-focused mind-self, and you permit yourself to sink deeply into simply “What Is” in the present moment, you will eventually find without any effort that there are treasures within you that go beyond all the treasures of the physical world of form. How remarkable it is that such fantastic treasures go unnoticed by us while we are on Earth! Indeed, they often do. Yet, they do not have to. Take a few moments today to allow yourself to take even one gentle step towards actually dwelling quietly with your own awareness. If you can quiet your thought-momentum sufficiently, when you least expect it you may just get a sense of the incalculable and unspeakably precious treasures that are, in fact, within YOU!

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