Death is Not the End

From our physical perspective, death appears to be the end of the person. Our senses behold a body that is no longer animated by the spark of life, and we no longer can interact with them in the ways that we know. What’s more- we cannot typically see to the other side to have any certainty that the person continues on- so we linger with fear, doubt, and sorrow. To us on Earth, death seems merciless and final.

What has died, however, is not the person. What has died is the constraints they were bound to. The body and its crude limitations are shirked. The old coat is cast off, and the spirit is set free!

Death is not the end. It is a beautiful new beginning! It is going home. It is a journey from the fog of the less real, to the clarity of the more real. It is an awakening from the dream that we call physical life.

For those of us still dreaming, the absence of the person from the dream can bring us deep pain. And yet in a reality that is built upon loving consciousness, those who have passed from us are truly no more than a thought away. For unlike the body and its crude outcomes which are so temporary, the love between two people is real, and it cannot die. Love is never lost. Love transcends the binds of matter. Love supersedes muscle and bone. Love is the force of incalculable power that fuels Creation itself!

Thus when someone we love experiences the death of their body, let us remember our love for them. Let us take consolidation that we have not truly lost them, for they exist right now not as less than they were, but in fact as much, much more.

For my uncle Jimmy, who passed from the Earth in the past hour of our time.

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