14 thoughts on “A Walk in the Physical is now available in audiobook format!

  • Your youtube shares (interviews from multiple others) and your book have been invaluable for my own journey. I bought your book even though it is free because its so much easier on my Kindle reader, and I wanted to support your wonderful work. Thankyou for bravely sharing all of your experiences and insights. They mesh well with my own.

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  • Thank you! Thank you for narrating it too!!!! Your memories let me know that Everything I have felt and remembered where TRUE! NAMASTE DEAR BROTHER❤ Robin Ducharme

    On Sun, Jan 2, 2022, 11:35 AM A Walk in the Physical wrote:

    > Christian posted: ” I just wanted to share that the book is now available > in audiobook format through Amazon, Audible, and iTunes! Here is the > Audible link: Audible A Walk in the Physical link Thank you to all for the > encouragement and support to complete this project” >

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  • So glad to see your book in audio format!! I love your book. I read it on my kindle, but I’m now going to be purchasing the audiobook so I can listen during my jogging. Thank you for narrating it as well. Nobody gets the “tone” right better than the author can.

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  • I was moved emotionally by your presentation on the Global Gathering zoom session last sunday on January 9. It was not what you told but it was in the way you told it. You are a courageous soul. I immediately bought your E-book. It confirms wat I’m now already have been lecturing for some years, Everything you experience is an experience completely unfolding within consciousness. There is no outside world. I want to ask permission here to quote in my book on quantum physics and consciousness a paragraph from your book, the first four lines in part 003, Reality is an experience. It is almost exactly the conclusion I give at the end of my book.

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  • Hi Christian, I’m currently reading your book, thank you so much for writing this. I’d love to ask you a question. If we are deliberately choosing to come to earth into specific lives, does that mean that only specific bodies are actually ‘inhabited’ with a soul? For example, throughout the history of earth there would have been countless numbers of animals, insects, fish, etc. Does every one of them get ‘lived’ by a soul? Peace and Love, Bronwyn (in Ireland).


    • Hello! Thank you for reaching out! Each body is an “opportunity.” I feel it is possible for a body to “not be played”- that is, run as an “NPC” (Non-Player Character)- but I suspect that is probably not common, because each perspective opportunity is valuable. (I have no idea how common an “NPC” is.) Different biologies permit very different specific experiential opportunities- that is, different cognitive, perceptual, and other experience. Meanwhile I don’t know how, say, an insect is “played”- perhaps a collective is “played” at once, for example, like one consciousness experiencing a whole bee hive?- I just don’t know. I do know that spirit is very efficient, so I suspect it is all probably used somehow- even non-biological content (for instance I experienced the sun in me and being the sun in my PBE)! I do have one memory of being a migrating bird- so I suspect more advanced animals are each “played” individually too- though of course the “nature” or “quality” of that experience was extremely different from the nature of a human experience. I hope that helps, sorry that I can’t answer more specifically!

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  • I have just came across the interview with Melissa. From the moment you spoke you had my attention. I will be taking a look at your book. 1 question tho, if you (I) chose this experience, can you change the way it is going, while you are awakening. If you know what I mean.


    • Hi Paula! Yes, we always have free will to choose what we will, within the “rules” of the context (physical laws etc.). We always have power to change our momentum/ trajectory. If you mean the question differently, please clarify. Have a great day! 🙂


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