Form as an Expression of the Joy of Being

The joy of Being expresses through form. Form is of Being, even as Being transcends it- and so Being revels in the forms that it loves and that are expressions of its native Love. The love of a sunset, the love of the beauty of a child’s laughter, the love of color and song- these and more are Beingness being what it is, even as it rejoices at the forms that exist within it and of it.

Beingness revels in manifest creation! Beingness revels in creating sunsets, and laughter, and color, and song. Consciousness loves sensation. Consciousness loves experience.

This love is at the root of all manifest experience- even experience that can, for a time, have a most severe edge in the world of duality. The soul is so churning with this love that it may even seek to test the very boundaries of manifest expression- to test the farthest extremes of duality; to know them. Our world is one of many that fulfill such powerful love-based creative ambition.

Even though here on Earth we have accomplished a daringly deep dive into the world of the discreet, that love is still what we are! Every single experience is, ultimately, underlined by this love. And thus any form- no matter what it is- has the potential to be known in joy. We may feel constantly experientially distanced from this joy by the boundaries of the separate self: by our addiction to thinking, by our thick association with our labels, by our resistance to truly feeling what we feel, and by our fierce and constant grasping for human identity- but even those experiences are made of the same substance. Even the separate self arises in love and from the joy of Being as that joy of Being actualizes its powerful adoration of manifest experience! And that joy of Being, rather than the separate human, is what we really are. 

26 thoughts on “Form as an Expression of the Joy of Being

  • Such heavy thinking. All I can tell you about myself is that I’m HERE and I knew even at a very young age that I was just waiting to go home. I visualize myself as an older woman ( I’m 56) sitting on a bench with my purse in my lap and I’m waiting. I have not fully enjoyed this life here. Although I love my children deeply, that has not changed my overall opinion. When its my time to go home I would like to think that I would not be a repeat offender and choose this destination again. Is this an odd statement?

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    • No, not an odd statement at all, at least from this side. 🙂 I’ve made a similar statement in the past, but at least in my case I know I have to leave my jury out until I have the clearer vision that I will have then. (I know I can’t see clearly from this side.) Thank you for sharing Cheryl!


  • Yes! Our addiction to thinking and avoid what we feel. There’s so much we can learn and experience if we can push through those emotions that we fear will stop us. Such crucial insight. Thank you!

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    • This following statement may be quite invisible at times while we are firmly in the human character, but: deep down, the experience of even those emotions is comprised of a “love of being.” Even the deepest tears are in their own way sweet: they are an expression of love that still exists, and if one looks close enough without the labels and stories, even the feeling of grief itself is built from aliveness, despite the pain. An extreme while being known within duality can seem like only that one extreme (that is the nature of duality), but an extreme can only exist as it is known by the one lasting thing- consciousness itself- and that consciousness is always, at its deepest root, freedom, love, and joy. In other words, Life is always present, even in the pain. If that sounds too philosophical at this moment in the human journey, I am very sorry. Grief is something we all must face at some point. This is a world of loss. But our true natures live on, always. The props on the stage may fall apart; but the lasting Life that looks on the play, that plays its roles- churns mightily with joy, always, and cannot die.


      • thank you Christian fir your reply. Intellectually I might understand, but emotionally this is hard. please write more about this if you can. thanks again


  • Hi Christian, I came to know about you from watching an interview on GAIA with Mira Kelley. I hadn’t heard of her before and it looked interesting. After watching I looked her up on YouTube and your interview with her was the first I watched. Everything you said resonated with me. I’ve known who I really am, but life was still able to drag me down, until I listened to you and something just clicked into place. It’s been several months now and I’m joyful and no longer dwell on wanting to go home. I know I’m here to fulfill my life plan and I’m able to do it with joy! I listen to your Unity talks and read your writings and am so thankful to God for leading me to you! Thank you my fellow soul traveler! I love you and hope to one day see you on the other side!

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  • Hi Christian. I’m so overwhelmed by your story and views on this life. I have a few things that I would like to tell you and get your take on it. The problem is that my story and questions are pretty long. Is this the best forum you have for people to write you?

    I have had some experiences that I haven’t seen or read about and would love to tell you. I feel I need to tell my story first before I can ask questions. For example I’m talking with God, and the reason I say God is because when I asked his name, he said he was 7 of 8, sounds like a borg name:) Then I said what is 7 of 8, and he said God is 8 sons in one. Have you ever heard that before?

    Like you say it’s almost impossible to put to words these experiences. I think This great being had a sense of humor because he said when I talk to others about him (comes across male to me) I sounded cliche’. It took me a while but I finally understood. I have had a lot of experiences with him and with you I finally have someone who I trust to give feedback.

    You changed my life because you had the information I needed to connect all the dots. I just feel so relieved and happy to find your videos. I know you’re humble, but I think you’re so wonderful!

    With Love,


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    • Benjamin- are you on Facebook sir? I prefer not to post my private email address here. If not please respond with your email address and I will reach out, I can delete your email address comment right afterwards. Thanks sir!


  • Hello Christian,

    Came here after watching your interview with Mira Kelley. (Binge watched all other interviews) :).
    Wow! and thank you very much for your time and sharing the wisdom.

    Would it be possible to talk to you over Whatzapp may be. I would greatly appreciate if we could talk.

    Thank you and look forward for your reply.



    • Yes, because the experience of the physical world is occurring within you- it is not that you are “in” something fundamentally real called the physical body or world.


    • I know that it’s possible because I was taken out of my body in the dream state. I heard a pop like a cork and was hanging in a kind of nowhereness and then God gently waved into my being. If it can happen to me it can happen to you for sure 🙂

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  • Thanks for your reply Christian. I will make a Facebook account and get back to you. I realized I made a mistake in my comment earlier. It wasn’t 7 of 8, it was “Sons of Eight”. That answer came after my dialogue in a quick vision that looked like a book cover. Strange I know. It took me a while to remember exactly what happened.

    Thanks, Benjamin


  • You’re writing is so alive, bursting, oozing love and presence. The truth came through and I could feel the light in it. Thank you Christian


  • After enjoying you share your story with multiple interviews, I’m so happy to have stumbled across your page. You certainly have a way with your words, that leaves me and I’m sure thousands of others feeling comforted. Bookmarking! 🙂

    Do you have an email address where I could privately direct a question?

    Be well and take care.



  • Wow. Well, the intersection with you is happening. A lot of confirmation of my sense of the other side, even though I communicate with God with intent everyday, if not more frequently, and my questions always get answered. My longing to go home has me muttering daily, I keep asking what the holdup is, but I knew in my heart I set myself up for this experience. After being in the military, one of the jokes is about people who volunteer, like they asked for it. I can just envision someone asking who can take on this assignment? When nobody else steps forward, there I am with my hand raised. I feel like I’ve had so much experience in this lifetime it’s as though I’ve lived enough for 5 or 10 people! And I’m still a glutton for ‘more experiences’. From bliss of being to suffering eternal torments, which now seem to never end. I fear being alone, so alone I am. I feel so much love for everyone, and I’ve heard ad nauseum all the human excuses why ‘we can’t’, when I know everything is possible, that that is it’s own torture as well. I’ve had a few dozen miracles, some time manipulation, and lots of ‘knowing’ about things before during and after. I’m a really strong person, and I’m THE horse of a different color. I’ve beaten ego and fear mostly, or enough. I do want to ask you, do you have any memories or knowledge about the animals that come into our lives? Anyway, waving at you, brother in spirit. Isn’t this planet something else? I feel if I tell God one more time that I want off this planet and I’m never coming back, He’ll do something that expresses His patience is my lack of patience, and I’ll NEVER get off this rock!!! Ahem. ~grin~

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    • Waving back at you with much respect! 🙂 Yes, this place is “something else” indeed. I find myself trying to “come to terms” with it every day. There have been a few moments I’ve said to myself I’m “not coming back”- but, I also know that my perspective then (after this life is completed) will be much better than it is now when I am so deep in the weeds. Also I can sense the incredible “opportunity of the weeds”- so I hope to use them for what they are intended to be. Regarding animals, I don’t have any memory involving animals, but I feel a huge distinction is not necessary: consciousness (spirit) experiences being this or that for awhile, and being animal is just a (very) different physical experience possible on Earth. They, and we, are ultimately brothers and sisters, all connected- the form of the avatar on Earth makes little difference in that. Thank you so much for reaching out! And thank you for being physical this very day- you are probably doing (“fulfilling?”) far more than you may be aware of while here in the weeds.


  • Dear Christian, first of all, thank you for the work you are doing! It is of paramount importance to have people like you at this pivotal time in our history.

    I have a cousin in Cuba who is in her 70s (As am I). She is thirsty for knowledge, but they have severe limitations in the use of internet. After seeing your Passion Harvest interview, I looked up this website. I will now, if you consent, translate into Spanish some of your postings and send them to her through WhatsApp . I have chosen this posting about joy quite intentionally because she suddenly became a widow. I think these beautiful pearls will help her.

    Wishing you Light, Love and Laughter,


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  • Christian,
    Today I watched your interview on Wisdom Soup. Thank you so much. Definitely makes a case for taking a ‘long view’ of life — :-)! Seriously, thank you for so generously sharing of your self and time — further shown by your responsiveness here to others’ concerns and questions. I have also enjoyed reading your blog and intend to follow it. I am glad to know of you.


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