The Spiritual Message of Empowerment

The spiritual message is one of empowerment. This is because powerlessness is just a non-fundamental experience, while freedom and power are the enduring truths.

Spirituality is about moving towards what actually is. Since freedom and power are our true inalienable nature, true spirituality naturally moves towards them. But because we have fear, we resist our experience in a myriad of ways. We use our ideas and our will to set up many boundaries and to block our own experience. We even use ideas about spirituality to do this. We (seem to) lose the powerful truth as we assign it to the powerless form.

Can life itself be repressed? It can choose to express itself through a great variety of conditions and within a great variety of constraints, and those conditions and constraints can change, but life itself is totally free. Spirituality is about that true nature of life, about allowing it, and knowing it, and becoming it- not just about the nature of the forms or constraints that life expresses through. Spirit transcends form.

Thus no form can truly convey the message. And yet, as life seeks to express itself through its creations, it can strive to reflect its ineffable and inalienable qualities through them. Those qualities, among many others, are ultimate love, joy, peace, power, and freedom! And thus, the spiritual message is one of ultimate love, joy, peace, power, and freedom!

The Spiritual Message of Empowerment

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